If I Don't Wake Up in Your Bed

by Heavy Gloom

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A collection of songs chronicling what one goes through during the aftermath of a failed relationship


released April 29, 2016

Bob Calwell- guitar, bass, vocals, keys
Jameson Wolfe - percussion
Michael Hansford- vocals on tracks 1, 2. keys on track 1, 4

All songs written and composed by Bob Calwell

Produced by Preston Ell, Michael Hansford, and Bob Calwell
Recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by Preston Ell at Satan's Cove and Heaven's Gate, London ON

Artwork by Rich Weinberger

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all rights reserved


Heavy Gloom London, Ontario

Songs to sleep alone to

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Track Name: Sunday
We’re both counting gold
Neither of us own
Hearts turn into stone
When routine becomes old

Drive past that church
Drive past that grocery store
You feel the dirt
Piling on our coffins

Let’s just be real
Let’s think aloud
Communication’s key, dear
When finding common ground

It’s okay
That you never loved me
I never took it personally

Just say it
Cause I know you feel it

It’s one thing to not be emotionally ready
But it’s another thing to just plain ignore it
And I can tell by your smile and the look in your eyes
That your feelings have all been exported
And how can we make something work
If it never was broken at all?
And why try to make something last
If it was never there at all?
Track Name: I Hate You
Fall asleep pillow deep
Scream the words you didn’t mean
“I’ll take some pills to numb the hate away”
Lie through your teeth and swear you’ll change

Your crying out loud to nothing
And your blaming everything I do on yourself

Go outside and split a cigarette
Argue value over bus tickets
Take to the snow, it’s not your fault
I swear your not a bi polar piece of shit

I’ll pack your things in a grocery bag
your rings are on my dresser drawer
Appreciation won’t suffice
I’d have to slit my throat in an attempt at being nice

And she said
You took my records
You stole my heart
And I hate you
I made you stable
I gave you art
And I hate you
I swear I fucking hate you
I gave you feeling
You gave me nothing
And I hate you
I’m left with pennies in my bank account
And it’s your fault
It’s all our fault
Track Name: Barricades
I’m skipping dates
To get past the time
And I’m stealing food from work
Just to get by
I’ve been sleeping through the day
And smoking through the night
I haven’t seen the sunlight
Since 2009

I wake up to sunsets
And watch it arise
And when I retire
It burns through my eyes
Money spent from cigarrettes
The ash of my pay
My eyes will fade to yellow
And I’d kill myself, but I’m too afraid

And all of my clothes
Piled up on the floor
Building up a barricade to seal up my door
I can’t remember how to feel anymore
So I’ll seclude to my room
And block out the world

One meal a day
So I can pay rent
And I haven’t called my mother
Since god knows when
I don’t make an effort
To stay in touch with friends
And I don’t have the room
To let anyone else in

And all of my bills
They cease to be paid
My debt’s never ending, like the shore of the bay
When I close my eyes, I just see your face
Standing by the seaside as I’m washed away

And I can’t be sure
But I’m fairly certain I haven’t felt like this before
Try to bargin with the devil but my cries are ignored
And I can’t get into heaven cause I was never born

The only place I belong
These four concrete walls
And if I don’t wake up in your bed
I don’t wanna wake up at all
Track Name: This Room Collapsing
The last time that I saw you we were in your best friend’s bathroom
And I tried to mummer out an apology
For all the shitty things I’ve done for the past months
And the room was collapsing on itself

So as we stand outside
And attempt to say our goodbyes
i could try and kiss you one last time
Or not be a selfish asshole for once in my godforsaken life

And if I’m dead when you get back
Know I cherished what we had
I loved you to the moon and back
Even if you hate me now

And I’m sorry Kenny for ruining your party
and making you cry
But i swear it’ll be the last time

And you’ll be better off without me in your life
I know I’ll be okay someday, but right now I’m just fine
You’ve got the ocean in your eyes and God in your heart
And I hope that light will keep you from the dark